Rheetha and Saw Palmetto Fortyfying Shampoo

Rheetha and Saw Palmetto Fortyfying Shampoo 100 g

A completely natural shampoo bar, that does not contain water no chemical preservatives. It provides a deep cleansing and revitalising effect and increases the volume of the hair. After its use, the hair is easily combed and lifted at roots.

The perfectly combined vegetable oils will give the hair shine and elasticity by strengthening the hair follicles. Due to its content of castor oil, saw palmetto, fenugreek and yolk, the hair should fall out less.

Recommended use: moisten the shampoo bar with water, rub it into damp hair and the scalp, then massage the scalp in the same way as a liquid shampoo. Rinse with water and enjoy shiny and nourished hair.

The product is intended for washing the scalp and hair. Avoid contact with eyes. Stop using the shampoo in case of irritation. It is suitable for kids over three years old.

The shampoo bar is very efficient and should last for approximately 40-50 washings of regular use.

The shampoo is packaged in an ecological waxed cardboard, so after washing the hair, we can keep the bar inside the cardboard box, without worrying about it getting soaked.