Luxurious Body Butter with Sea Buckthorn and Coenzyme Q10

Luxurious Body Butter with Sea Buckthorn and Coenzyme Q10 60 g

The product contains a range of best selected natural vegetable fats. It perfectly nourishes dry and taut skin, thirsty for hydration.

Sea buckthorn oil has regenerative, anti-aging and protective properties. It is a great natural cosmetic raw material used for dry, mature, cracked, or irritated skin.

Pumpkin seed oil has moisturising, greasing and softening properties. Due to the high content of natural vitamins (particularly C, K, A, E) it is recommended for couperose-prone, dry, scaly or cracked skin. Also for mature skin to smooth out wrinkles. The oil provides elasticity and prevents the appearance of stretch marks. Thanks to the high potassium content, it reduces scars and pigmentation spots. It also has a purifying effect.

Due to its high content of lauric acid, babassu oil melts perfectly on human skin and is easily absorbed and does not give a sensation of greasiness.

The butter smells insanely of sandalwood oil, sweet orange oil and Ceylon cinnamon, and the skin remains moisturised and nourished for a long time.