Evening Primrose, Linen and Sea Buckthorn Soap

Evening Primrose, Linen and Sea Buckthorn Soap 150 g

Paste soap for people with dry, cracked, or sensitive skin. The saponified fats make the soap clean the skin and remove dead cells and also penetrate the deepest layers of the skin.

Our potassium soap is produced in the process of saponification following the traditional recipe, with potassium hydroxide, from top quality fats, which function is to care for and moisturize the skin. Due to the high content of sea buckthorn oil known for its healing properties it soothes skin irritations and redness by deeply moisturising the skin. Linen oil together with the other oils makes it a perfect product for people with overly sensitive skin, and evening primrose oil has a special importance for the care of allergic and atopic skin. It removes dry skin, feeling of itchiness and gives elasticity to the epidermis.