Anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory Cream with Tomato Seed Oil

Anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory Cream with Tomato Seed Oil 50 ml

Nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-wrinkle facial cream. The bilberry juice used in the cream prevents unfavourable changes in the capillary vessel walls, prevents swelling, lightens and firms sagging skin. Thanks to the tomato seed content, which is rich in amino acids, it stimulates skin regeneration processes.

Juniper berry hydrolate as the essential oil, has an anti-swelling, bactericidal and bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates circulation. The cream contains a rich vegetable macerate based on sunflower oil, containing the following herbs: black mullein, yarrow, calendula, sage, Swedish herbs, comfrey and arnica.

Flavanones from Mentha included in the cream, prevent and soothe irritations and also give a sensation of freshness.

Another ingredient of the cream is macadamia oil that guarantees proper hydration to dry, sensible, and scaly skin.

Due to many nutrients that the cream contains, it is easily applied, absorbs quickly, and has regenerative, nutritive and softening effect. It improves the appearance of the skin, restores its glow, and makes it more elastic.