Active Scalp Treatment

Active Scalp Treatment 130 g

The base of treatment is castor oil, which is one of the most effective antidotes against hair loss. It contains omega-9 fatty acids, and the effects are visible after the first application. Not only does it stop the hair loss, but also it gives it strength and gloss. St John's wort included in the treatment prevents dry hair, and fenugreek is a rich source of nutrients that benefit the general scalp condition.


The yolk regenerates the scalp and hair and stops hair from falling out. The rest of the ingredients are herbs, which also protect against hair loss.

Recommended use: put on clean scalp, massage into skin, and wrap with a foil and a towel. Leave on for one hour.

The treatment should be repeated at least once a week.

It is a great product for oiling high porosity hair. It does not contain alcohol, silicone, nor parabens.