How does buckwheat honey affect the human body?

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Buckwheat honey is recommended to be included in your daily diet for many reasons. It is an alternative to regular sugar and can be added to tea, any breakfast or porridge. Buckwheat honey, after crystallization, forms thick and hard crystals. The taste is sharp, sweet and slightly stinging, so it does not always suit children. It contains over 50% fructose and 46% glucose.

Buckwheat honey is known for its amazing effects on the human body

This honey:

  • strengthens the heart,

  • is irreplaceable in times of increased physical exertion, during diseases and in the case of mineral deficiency,

  • its bactericidal effect helps healing wounds,

  • contains a lot of vitamins and trace elements,

  • lowers blood pressure,

  • inhibits atherosclerotic processes,

  • heals liver diseases.

Buckwheat honey

Due to the higher choline content than other honeys, buckwheat honey protects the body against its deficiency, and thus protects against damage to the liver and kidneys. Buckwheat honey reduces the harmfulness of stimulants (coffee, tea, alcohol, nicotine), detoxifies, removes lead and radioactive elements from blood serum and has anti-cancer properties. Just dissolve honey in a glass of lukewarm water in the evening to enjoy a delicious honey drink in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast.

Buckwheat honey is especially appreciated in the prevention and treatment of heart and circulatory system diseases. It is best at treating iron deficiency anemia in both children and adults. Systematic consumption of this product increases hemoglobin level in the blood and supports convalescence after exhausting diseases and supports the recovery processes.

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Buckwheat honey - rutin

Due to the content of rutin, a substance that strengthens and cleanses blood vessels, eating buckwheat honey is encouraged also among elderly people diagnosed with atherosclerosis and being at high risk. Simple sugars contained in honey are easily absorbed into the bloodstream and can nourish the heart muscle in a short time. Thanks to their content, honey eliminates sugar as an important risk factor for atherosclerosis. Rutin also improves the bioavailability of vitamin C, preventing its decomposition and accelerating wound healing. Its presence in food results in better digestibility of some vitamins and amino acids. Buckwheat honey should also be consumed by athletes. The rutin contained in it can be used as an adjunct in the treatment of internal injuries.

Buckwheat honey reduces persistent cough. It is as effective as some medications.

Like other dark honeys, buckwheat honey has a lot of mineral salts and immune substances in it. It also contains considerable amounts of magnesium, which has an excellent effect on the heart and is needed in states of mental exhaustion. Easily digestible iron and protein can be found in it.

Buckwheat honey - external use

Buckwheat honey can be used not only for internal use, it is also used in cosmetics. It is most often found as an ingredient in anti-wrinkle creams because it acts as an antioxidant and prevents skin aging. It is also used in various types of masks and peelings. It regenerates the skin, nourishes it and soothes the symptoms of acne. Buckwheat honey contains substances that improve the condition of the hair, strengthens its structure, rebuilds damaged ends and cleanses the scalp, which is why it is found in recipes for hair masks.

Buckwheat honey has also been proven to have a positive effect on memory and concentration.


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