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Maybe you have never heard about royal jelly, but we are sure that you have heard about the nectar called ambrosia which gave immortality to the gods of Olympus. Or maybe you have read something about Cleopatra’s personal beauty secrets? Royal jelly has been prized for centuries by royalties for its beauty benefits and, together with honey, was a treasured secret of the Egyptians.

Royal jelly was and still is used for skin renewal and helps achieving firm, radiant, youthful looking skin. Real royal treatment!

What royal jelly actually is?

Royal jelly is a bee-keeping product of nurse bees (the bees aged between 5 and 14 days). It is the exclusive food for the queen bee and has a significant impact on her life’s duration (which is up to 5 years). It is an acid colloid composed mainly by water, sugar, proteins, lipids, vitamins and some mineral salts. This composition can vary with seasonal and regional conditions of feeding and changes in the physiology and age of nurse bees.

The name of royal jelly is a combination of two major proteins produced in honeycomb – royalisin and jelleines.

The proteins are fundamental defense biomolecules that could protect the host from bacteria, viruses or fungi due to the ability to interact with their structure. It is like a protein carpet around the bacteria, which cause the disruption of the external membrane. The fact is, that many antimicrobial properties of RJ (for example against Escherichia coli and Micrococcus pyogenes, which are responsible for colitis and acne) were scientifically recorded.

What can royal jelly do to your health?

Royal jelly – used both, orally and topically – may support wound healing, increase the collagen production and treat other inflammatory skin conditions.

There are many ways we can benefit from royal jelly. But even though generally considered safe, it may cause allergy. So if you have never used royal jelly before, start with a very small dose.

What is also very interesting, one of the major public health problems nowadays is the onset of an increasing number of antibiotic resistant bacteria. For this reason, researches are challenging themselves to discover new antimicrobial substances, particularly plant extracts, essential oils and peptides. Several studies showed the effectiveness of royal jelly against many multidrug resistant bacteria. Effect WOW?

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