Cleopatra's beauty secrets

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Which woman could be closer to natural beauty secrets than Cleopatra? Maybe she wasn’t vegan, but she didn’t have the opportunity to get flashed from „INCI forbidden compounds“ in her beauty tools. No chemical technologies or high range aesthetic medicine, no GMO, no industry’s tricks to be more, better or higher. Natural beauty pure.

We prepared a list of Cleopatra’s skin & hair care tips that every woman could follow. If you find the methods of the gorgeous Queen too time-consuming or inconvenient / complicated, we did our best to show you the easier ways to achieve the same effects. With the help of Eco Valley products of course.


Sea salt scrub was the natural scrub Cleopatra used to exfoliate her body and face. That ancient Queen had access to salt from the dead sea. The mineral-rich salt was used in her beauty rituals extensively as it was believed to add glow to her skin and keep it pristine by exfoliation and preventing blemishes.

Try our Epsom Salt Peeling for your face and our Sugar Peeling with Vanilla Bean for your body. Refreshment, softness and fantastic smell guaranteed.

Rose water

Cleopatra was a trendsetter and the biggest fan of rosewater. Your skin, hair, mood and digestive system can strongly profit by following the rituals of Cleopatra. It is suggested that lipid soluble ingredients of roses such as terpenes, glycosides, flavonoids and anthocyanins can positively affect your well-being and appearance.

It´s quite smart to have our Organic Rose Petal Hydrolate always in your bag: as a facial mist or smooth make-up remover. During the day, after sport or when you travel. It makes a good job. And this smell…

Royal Jelly, beewax and propolis

Cleopatra was believed to use royal jelly to moisturize her skin from head to toe. Royal jelly is a natural bee product used by nurse bees to nourish the mother bee.

Royal jelly is a bomb of essential vitamins and minerals. It nourishes your skin and is also said to improve skin elasticity and boost collagen production. Royal jelly also supports the cell regeneration making your skin heal quickly and remain in the best form.

Beeswax and propolis have similar properties. They are moisturizers, antioxidants and wound healers. In Eco Valley stock, you will find Royal Jelly Facial Mask and Hand and Foot Softening Lotion with Propolis. Something special that brings your care habits to the royal level.

Natural shampoo

In the ancient times, nobody used such words as SLS, PEG, formaldehyde or synthetic fragrances. Cleopatra used eggs as a natural shampoo to make her hair soft and beautiful. Everything because due to egg yolk, which is densely packed with nutrition and proteins, such as biotin, folate, vitamin A, and vitamin D. We took the Queen’s example and decided to bring the richness of nature into our cosmetics. Focus on: Active Scalp Treatment and Rheetha and Saw Palmetto Fortyfying Shampoo.

Milk and honey bath

Cleopatra had a luxurious soak in milk as a beauty bath ritual. Her bath consisted of goat milk and turmeric that gave extra benefits. The lactic acid in milk benefits the skin and helps keeping it clear, super-soft and radiant.

Nowadays we tend to reduce the animal products, that’s why we offer you animal-friendly alternative for goat milk, which is our Sugar Peeling with Vanilla Bean. Tiny sugar crystals rub your skin without irritating it and when they melt, they release a substance that is a natural exfoliant – glycolic acid (AHA) which, in turn, melts the dead cells of epidermis.

Glycolic acid and lactic acid are both members of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) family. Glycolic is derived from sugar cane while lactic from milk but they both work the same way: they dissolve the “glue” that holds skin cells together.

What do you think about having a bath in honey? We have in our storage plenty of natural honey so that’s not a problem, but we think that eating honey makes more fun. For your bath try our Soap Wax & Honey instead.

Hair removal

„Cucumber, gum, oil and sycamore juice, mixed with boiled and crushed bones of a specific bird was used by Queen Cleopatra as a hair removal cream“. Well, for that method we haven’t found any alternative yet but we found this recipe worth mentioning. Just in case you wanted to try it.


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