Acacia honey - what is worth knowing

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Honey is one of nature's greatest gifts for our health. Honeys collected from one plant species are especially rich in various goodies. In Eco Valley shop you will find 4 types of such honeys:

  1. Acacia honey,

  2. Buckwheat honey,

  3. Linden / lime honey,

  4. Rapeseed honey.

Read what these honeys can do – you will be surprised. Today we start with acacia honey.

Acacia honey

One of the lightest types of honey, in liquid form it is almost colorless or light straw-colored. It has the form of a thick syrup and its taste is extremely mild. Acacia honey is very sweet and eagerly eaten by children. Its fragrance is intense but pleasant. You can feel the aroma of acacia flowers in it. Due to the high content of fructose, honey crystallization is very slow. It happens that even one year after the date of bottling, the honey may still be in a semi-liquid form. After the crystallization process, the honey turns cream or yellow.

Acacia honey in our shop

Acacia honey 545 ml

Acacia honey 346 ml

The use of acacia honey

This honey is recommended for digestive disorders, cramps, hyperacidity, and also in the case of gastroenteritis. The ingredients of acacia honey protect the stomach and protect against excessive amounts of digestive acids. They have a positive, regenerating effect on the mucosa, so it can be successfully used in diseases of the stomach, duodenum, inflammation of the digestive system, intestinal cramps, peptic ulcer disease or erosions. Acacia honey improves liver function and supports its detoxification.

Acacia honey - sugars

It contains a large amount of simple sugars, therefore it is recommended especially in the case of increased brain activity, physical and mental fatigue, as well as weakening of the body. Perfect for convalescents whose body needs nutrition and readily available energy.

Since the glycemic index of acacia honey is low, diabetics can also eat this honey, in small amounts of course.

Acacia honey - skin

Acacia honey can also be used to treat skin diseases. Usually it turns out to be most helpful in purulent infections. It has a very good effect on their healing.

Acacia honey - antibiotic and antibacterial activity

Acacia honey has low antibiotic and antibacterial activity, but it is a great remedy for sore throats, coughs and other upper respiratory problems. It has a diuretic effect and cleanses the urinary system, which is why it is also used in the treatment of inflammatory and bacterial diseases of the kidneys and urinary system.

Acacia honey - calming effect

This honey has a calming effect, improves the mood in times of exhaustion, and also helps to fight insomnia. It has a soothing, slightly hypnotic effect, will help you fall asleep and will help regenerate the body during rest. It is usually recommended primarily for sweetening drinks instead of sugar. Acacia honey rarely causes allergic reactions, but it is worth remembering that it should be given to older children, as it may be harmful to infants.

Consumed regularly can strengthen your immunity.


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