Natural Cosmetics

What are natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics are products obtained from ingredients of plant or mineral origin. They are also often called ecological cosmetics or biocosmetics. They are based on essential oils, herbal extracts and oils. Natural cosmetics (bio-cosmetics) are not tested on animals, and if they contain ingredients of origin animal, it is only obtained from living animals, possibly from ecological farms (e.g. beeswax and honey or lanolin). When composing product recipes, be sure to follow commonly accepted COSMOS (Cosmetics Organic and Natural Standard) standards.


How do you know that cosmetics are natural?


According to the COSMOS principles, natural cosmetics:

● contain at least 95% of raw materials of natural origin,

● are packed in environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging, easy to recycle,

● may contain only strictly defined, so-called identical to natural preservatives, e.g. benzoic acid, sorbic acid, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid; those are substances that exist in natural conditions, e.g. in fruit,

● can also be preserved with vitamin E, which has additional antioxidant properties,

● contain no synthetic dyes or fragrances, so they don't causes skin allergies,

● consist of biodegradable substances,

● are produced by microbiological, enzymatic or physical methods by pressing, extraction, filtration, distillation, drying etc. Production process of a natural cosmetic product should be environmentally friendly and keep the valuable properties of the natural raw materials used.


How do natural cosmetics work?


Natural cosmetics stimulate and support the functioning of the skin without disturbing its natural rhythm and renewal processes. They support and strengthen these processes in a natural way, leaving a more durable effect.

However, it happens a bit slower than in the case of synthetic cosmetics. Biocosmetics must first stimulate the skin's natural regeneration processes, which are often disturbed by use of synthetic cosmetics. The skin cared for with natural preparations regulates the level of sebum production by itself. Natural cosmetics stimulate it to self-rebuilding of collagen fibers and other natural renewal processes.


The substances contained in natural cosmetics are by definition not harmful to the skin and should not irritate it. Due to the production technology and the quality of the ingredients, natural cosmetics are less likely to cause allergic reactions.