Eco Valley Spain is a place that we have created for you. We bring you gifts from nature: organic honeys of various flavors and fantastic natural cosmetics. 

Honey is a natural remedy for many ailments and diseases. And it is so delicious! 

Your skin and senses will be delighted with natural, deep-acting and beautifully scented cosmetics.


Eco Valley - the valley from which our company is named does exist. At the northern tip of Poland lies the ice-marginal valley of the Łeba River. This place is extremely fertile, with lush vegetation and clean air - a real paradise for bees. If we add to this the professional care that Tomek gives his bees, the result must be delicious 100% natural honey.


Bees produce, apart from honey, many other substances important for our health. Some of them are used by Gosia in creating her cosmetics. In addition to honey and bee products, she uses other natural substances: aromatic oils, macerates, plant extracts, squalane and even chocolate. All cosmetics are handmade, so in each of them, apart from the amazing ingredients, you will find a bit of Gosia's heart and passion. All cosmetics are dermatologically tested and have the appropriate certificates.


We share a passion for life and work. Now we have joined forces in the Eco Valley Spain project. We want to provide you with the best quality natural products. Everything you will find in our store was created by us - or the bees.  

Be(e) eco honey!